Like private Twitter
for your dev team

"When everything is urgent - nothing is."

Real time chat is exhausting -
every little message is time sensitive.
You should have a way to send a message and mean:
"it's ok to respond to this later."

Protect your maker time

A way to keep up with your team that isn't overwhelming

Post on your own schedule
Write updates as you work throughout the day - no more standup meetings that you have to wake up early for.
Change what you're working on?
Leave a reply or edit your post to bump the it to the top. Yes you heard that right: unlike Twitter, there is an edit button
See what your team is up to
Scan the feed to see what your team is working on, or view someone's profile to see their latest posts.

Super-crazy launch pricing

I honestly don't know what the price will be in the end, but it will definitely be more than $20/mo.

Lock it in

Give it a try now to lock in the launch price 🎉🤑
No credit card required to try it out - deal with that later

What you get

  • Twitter-like posts and feed

  • Email notifications

  • Standup reminder Slack bot

  • Secret bonus emoji reaction

$20 /mo

for up to 10 team members

then just $2/mo per team member after that

Don't dread the standup

Standup meetings can go on forever.
Slack standups get lost in an avalanche of other messages.

You shouldn't have to sift though 100 chat messages
just to find out what your team is up to.

Still keep Slack and email

Chat has a place on remote teams, and you will still need email. But use them just for what they are good at - not for everything.

Add to Slack
Replace your daily standup meeting with a reminder to make a post. Takes just 2 minutes to add to your Slack workspace.
Just the notifications you want
Skip the barrage of real time alerts without missing the important bits. Get email notifications when someone @mentions you in a post.

Give it a try

Try it out for 14 days to see what you think. Your boss can pay for it later if you like it ;)

Start your 14 day free trial
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