Asynchronous Standups
for Remote Teams

Know what your team is working on
Stay on top of your work


What is an async standup?

Standups don't have to be in person meetings that break up everyone's morning

Instead, team members write their standup updates on their own, which are then shared on a team dashboard

No more wasting everyone's time - PLUS! Async standups can be edited later with progress updates 😎

💡 Benefits

Keep track of work

It's easy for work and updates to get lost in a remote team - keeping all progress updates in one place means it's easier to keep track of what your team is up to

Save a bunch of time

Standup meetings that take forever waste everyone's time. Instead: give your update, check on other people's progress, and get back to work

Time Zones = No Problem

It can be a hassle managing a standup meeting across multiple timezones - an async standup solves that! Everyone can submit their progress at their own pace

Ready to Get Started?

Set up your team and start writing standups:

Not ready yet?

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